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Endodontic Surgery in Rockford

What is Endodontics?

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Did you know that you do not necessarily have to get a root canal to save your tooth? Instead of an invasive root canal procedure, you can have an endodontic surgery. The difference between this procedure and a root canal is that it does not target the whole root. Endodontic surgery is a procedure that targets specific problematic points in the tooth.

Endodontic surgery helps patients with a variety of conditions. If you feel pain but no problem appears on your X-ray, an endodontist can examine your tooth. If you have too much calcium deposits that block your root, then endodontic surgery can fix the problem. Sometimes, you can have a root canal and still get an infection. Endodontic surgery can save the tooth from extraction. Damaged root surfaces and surrounding bone can also be treated with an endodontic procedure.

An apicoectomy is a procedure used by an endodontist. It entails opening the gum near the tooth to remove infected tissue. The end of the root is also removed to reduce further inflammation and infection. A small filling is put at the end of the root and the gum is sutured to enable healing. Over time, the bone heals around the end of the root.


Endodontic surgery procedures depend on the problematic teeth. A tooth may be cut in half to remove a dead root. It can be used to trace and fix small fractures that X-rays cannot detect. Surgery may also be useful to clean root canals that have excess calcium deposits. In some other cases, a tooth is removed, the socket is treated and its replanted in the socket. These procedures help to save teeth.


Endodontic surgery depends on the severity of the problem. For patients with multiple problems, it may take a while to heal. For one tooth, a local anesthetic is enough, and it takes a short time to heal. With the help of digital imaging and laparoscopic instruments, these surgeries are quick and comfortable. Most patients can resume their normal routine after getting the procedure. The endodontist recommends aftercare instructions to help with pain and cleaning.


The success rate of any surgery depends on different variables. The severity of the condition is one of them. Patients of blunt trauma to the teeth take longer to heal than patients of cavities and infections. Applied care after the procedure is also an important part of healing. The procedure aims to save your original tooth by any means necessary. Your endodontist will discuss with you the chances of success for your case.

Every insurance package is different. Before booking the surgery, make sure that you confirm with your insurance provider. Some covers will pay for the procedure, but not for the medication required after. Some will pay for the medication and omit the procedure. Always confirm the details of your coverage with your insurance provider.​

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