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Restore your teeth to full function with Dental Implants

Dental implants are a revolutionary approach to replacing missing teeth that counteract many of the frustrations felt by patients who used conventional tooth replacement solutions such as bridges and dentures. As a result, implants are considered to be the most stable, secure, natural, and long-lasting method of restoring lost teeth.

Dental implants are comprised of two main components. The most integral part of the structure is a titanium post. This acts as an artificial root for the tooth, securing it permanently into the jaw and giving it stability and strength. For it to be successful, the titanium post is surgically implanted into the jaw bone. Once in place, the bone heals around the post to permanently anchor it into the structure of your jaw. The surgery is carried out using a local anesthetic, and you may be able to be sedated if you are anxious.

The other main element of a dental implant is a porcelain crown. This is the visible part of the implant and is custom-designed to look just like your natural teeth. The crown is attached to the titanium post using a special connector, completing the structure. The crowns are not attached to the implant posts until your implant provider is happy that the bone has healed and locked them in place.

Dental implants can be used to replace single teeth, where one implant post is used to support one crown. However, the technique can also be used to support bridges, partial and complete dentures. These can usually be supported on less than one implant post per tooth, with it being possible to place a complete arch of artificial teeth on as few as six or eight implant posts. This helps to reduce the amount of surgery needed.

Patients regularly choose dental implants over conventional tooth replacement solutions because of the unique benefits associated with implants. These include:


Patients agree that one of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that they look, feel and act just like regular teeth. They don’t need to rely on other teeth for support since they are anchored into the jaw, and the crown that tops them is bespoke – created to the exact specifications for each patient. It’s even glazed in a shade that matches the rest of your smile. To look at a dental implant, you’d never know that it wasn’t a real tooth!


Despite the process for receiving implants being surgical, once implants are in place and you have got used to them, you soon won’t be able to feel them at all. There’s no rubbing against the gums or other teeth, no sharp connectors – absolutely nothing to cause you discomfort. Over time, you’ll probably even forget that you’ve had an implant at all.


Implants also help patients to enjoy better oral health. Unlike bridges and dentures which can be tricky to clean, dental implants can be cared for in exactly the same way as natural teeth – brushed and flossed every day. A commitment to taking proper care of your teeth and implants is essential as doing so will help to prevent gum disease. Advanced gum disease can cause deterioration of gum tissue and the bone in the jaw, putting your implants at risk.


The roots of our teeth play an important role in keeping our jawbone healthy. This is because the root stimulates the bone, keeping it strong. When we lose teeth, the bone starts to deteriorate and shrink, and this can cause our facial structure to change. Many people who have lost multiple teeth start to develop a sunken look to the lower half of their face as a result of these changes. When you replace a missing tooth with a dental implant, the titanium post acts in the same way as a real tooth root, stimulating the jaw bone so that it stays strong, healthy, and robust, enabling you to retain your facial structure.


Dental implants give patients the opportunity to replace their missing teeth with a very stable and durable alternative. This enhanced stability means that patients won’t need to worry about their teeth wobbling or coming loose when they eat – something which can potentially be embarrassing. Dental implants are also proven to last longer than any other type of tooth replacement. With proper care and professional attention, they could last several decades or longer.

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