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One of the most common reasons people are dissatisfied with their smile is crooked or gapped teeth. A treatment like Invisalign can help correct these issues. Invisalign is a teeth-straightening method that is more convenient than conventional wire braces and hardly noticeable.

Invisalign is a system that gradually straightens teeth through the use of aligners. Each aligner is tailored to the patient’s needs and fits comfortably. Impressions for Invisalign are also comfortable and accurate. A 3-D scan is used to achieve tooth imagery in a matter of minutes! The imaging is then used to build the aligners and to show the patient exactly the outcome they can expect.

The images will also be used to produce the aligners, which will be shipped directly to the patient’s home. The number of aligners required can vary according to the seriousness of the problem, but the majority of people complete the procedure within a year.

Patients should expect to wear their Invisalign aligners constantly. It is advised that you remove them only while brushing your teeth or feeding. When your teeth begin to align, your dentist may change the number of hours you should wear your aligner each day, but with the shortest and better outcomes, you should wear it for the recommended time.

Invisalign is a great system for straightening teeth and closing gaps but is not the right choice for everybody as there are a few more severe orthodontic issues that Invisalign can’t correct. It is also important to remember that this system requires a bit of self-care, so if you are not committed to wearing the trays as recommended, then this system will likely not work for you. A skilled dentist will be able to identify if your current concerns can be corrected by Invisalign.

The most often asked question is whether or not the aligners are painful or uncomfortable. Because the teeth will be moving, there is some discomfort involved. The most common complaint about the treatment is that any of the aligners’ edges poke the gums; however, this issue can be overcome by covering edges with wax.

The cost of Invisalign treatment can vary according to the number of aligners required and the length of time required to wear them. The estimated cost in the United States is between $3,500 and $6,000, but can be considerably higher depending on your circumstances.

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